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January 20, 2014
Dear Commissioner Chris Monzel,

For the past six years there are three times of the year that make me sad.  My son’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I know for most these are times to celebrate and share the goodness in all of us.  We plan parties, contact family members we haven’t heard from in months, and buy gifts that say I care about you.  It’s a time for cooking large meals and the smells of freshly baked pies and cakes filling the rooms in my house.  Don’t forget the crowds at the malls always an event in itself.  The best part of this time of year was having my family together in one place.  My sons and my daughter.  The grandkids.  My sisters and my mother.  These were happy times.

Then on September 29, 2007 all the plans for the holidays seemed to become unimportant.  On that day I learned that someone very close to me had become the 55th homicide victim in the City of Cincinnati.  He was a passenger in a car riding with friends when he was violently and brutally murdered in a drive by shooting.  Daniel “Chaz” Dudley was my youngest son.

A lot has happened since then.  A lot of changes in my lifestyle.  Monumental changes in how I view the world of violent crime, the effects left on families, and the meaning of justice. 

That justice comes in many forms.  After Chaz’s passing it came to my attention that there was a claim of a set of twins that may be my grandchildren.  The only way to be positive was through DNA testing.  The only remaining proof of Chaz’s existence was at the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.  As a result of their assistance I was able to confirm that they were family. Needless to say that my first Christmas without my baby boy would have been unbearable without the assistance of the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.   

I know the relocation of the Corner’s Office is mostly political. Associated with the politics of running a County are the bottom line finances of how much cost to operate.  The Coroner’s Office has provided a consistent service in the same location for more than 30 years.  Last year Cincinnati alone had 75 homicides.  Relocating and renovating an existing facility just makes sense.  The Hamilton Coroner is an elected official in our area.  The service this office provides is irreplaceable.

As a voter and a mom I would like to sincerely ask that the Hamilton County Coroner be seen as an investment in our community.

Hope Dudley
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We are a coalition of concerned citizens coming together to keep Hamilton County safe for futurE  generations.  We support our Coroner's vision of a Scotland Yard in our own backyard: a renowned crime-fighting center with state of the art technology  to solve crimes  before our loved ones are the next victims.  For more information ON how you can help us, please contact Founder/Organizer Michele Young at (513)  617-9152. 


Hamilton county HAS approveD of a new  home for our world-acclaimed crime lab at the former mercy mt.  airy hospital!

thank  you FOR YOUR LETTERS, PHONE CALLS, e-mails, AND signatures on our petition. we have more work to do in building scotland yard in our own backyard!  join us.   we have just begun. 

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