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Please Join Us In Keeping Hamilton County Safe!

We have a jewel in our Queen City: our world-acclaimed crime lab.   In November, 2013, a non-partisan coalition of  leaders from across Hamilton County came together to support the acceptance of the gift of Mt. Airy Hospital to house a citadel of justice: a renowned crime-fighting center with state of the art technology to solve crimes before our loved ones become the next victims.  All of law enforcement, crime fighting, and crime victim organizations came on board this noble and necessary effort led by our Coroner, Dr. Lakshmi Kode Sammarco,  to keep Hamilton County safe.  In January, 2014, the Hamilton County Commissioners agreed to build Scotland Yard in our own backyard, the  Mt. Airy Crime Lab.

However, our work has just begun.  The ground has not been broken.

We are bringing together Cincinnati  leaders to propose ways of funding the new crime lab while saving money for the tax payers.

We seek a transparent decision making process that allows citizens to have a seat at the decision making table as the choices made today will determine the safety of our county.

Please join this civic-minded effort to support the Coroner’s effort to build a law enforcement campus in Mt. Airy.     Please contact Michele Young at (513) 617-9152 or at the form below:  

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